The play follows two central characters Josh and Marnie who find themselves somehow connected to a exploitative relationship

After a rocky childhood with her mother and stepfather, Marnie finds herself falling for a man much older than herself. He has everything she ever dreamt of, money, power and what’s more he adores her.

Josh is having a really hard time at school, Josh is finding it hard to be accepted, he finds solace in his new best friend.

As an audience we observe the emotional and physical journey each character takes as they try to set themselves or others free. ‘Invisible’ also highlights other issues such as sexual and domestic abuse, depression, drugs and peer pressure.

Whilst these themes are embedded, there is hope, as we observe the characters learn how to deal and cope with their circumstances.

“Fantastic moving performance highlighting important issues.
The cast were outstanding and built a great relationship with the audience”

“Eye opening”

“This needs to go UK-wide as the issues highlighted happens in all walks of life”

“Well paced, relevant and entertaining”

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